Dzifah Tamakloe

Agri-Help Project

Why Agri-Help?  

Agricultural growth is the major driver of poverty reduction in most African countries and most especially in orphanage homes where malnutrition exist. After the peak donations during Christmas and Easter, people barely rush to orphanage homes to make donations. Global population is projected to be around 9 billion by 2030, this will mean a reduction in arable land and an increase in demand for food.

To save these orphans, there is the need to increase food production in orphanage homes. All of these  coupled with the post harvest loss issues birthed the  Agri-Help project , an initiative that is aimed at supporting orphanage homes to farm in that way  they are provided with good food that will help make them healthy and improve their well-being.     Join us on this farming adventure   Agriculture over the years has gained roots and preeminence since it has been the backbone of many economies of the world. Agriculture has a lot of disciplines ranging from Animal science, Crop science, Agricultural Economics, Agribusiness, Agricultural Extension and just to mention but a few.

These disciplines together make agriculture one big pie.   Interestingly, over the years there has been an aspect of agriculture that is gradually gaining root and very soon will be an area of interest to many even though some few others have exploited that area already and that aspect of agriculture is what we call Agriculture Charity (Agriculture and charity).

Organizations that are nonprofit based are basically the ones operating in this particular discipline of agriculture.    With the increase in population worldwide and with the aim of achieving SDG2 and SDG3.

There is the need to push this discipline of agriculture forward since they have a vital role to play in fulfilling these goals   Linking Agriculture and charity is one sure way of helping curb malnutrition in underprivileged areas therefore, much attention and support should be given to this special discipline of agriculture.   #agricultureandcharity