I believe victims because I know firsthand about the shame and stigma that comes with raising your hand and saying “THIS HAPPENED TO ME.”

Did you ever suffer any condition when growing up?. If yes, how are you coping with it? Are you healed? If you have rectified the scars, congratulations. If you have not rectified your childhood scars, it is never too late to do so now. You may have suffered abuse in different forms( emotional, sexual, verbal, physical, etc.)

It is needful to work on your past and heal from all the pains you suffered from childhood. This is because realizing and rectifying the scars will make you enjoy your adulthood. You can confide in a counselor or a trusted friend or pray to God in heaven for strength. Do not worry about the hands that will point at you when you are going through your healing process. Whatever bad past (scars) you refuse to deal with will come back and hunt you.

It takes some level of boldness to rectify your childhood scars but doing it makes you free. Release forgiveness to anyone that caused you pain, apologize to those you wronged, and embrace that newness of self. No more hesitations, deal with those scars.