Dzifah Tamakloe

Rekindling a movement to keep children in families

Our debut reunification project was a success. Thank you to every one who made it a success. Together we are rekindling a movement to keep children in families.

Dzifah Tamakloe

Together lets advocate to keep children in families and not in orphanages (institutions)

Sometimes, after living apart from family for so long, the kids are hesitant to return to their families. It isn’t as we see on the surface. When a family has broken apart, it isn’t easy to put it back together again. The parts don’t fit anymore. That’s why it’s so important that, wherever possible, children are kept in families in the first place. Family dysfunctionality is real, and I am a victim. Ever since I left the orphanage, I have not been able to bond with my family like before, which isn’t the best.”

Orphans and vulnerable children need a family environment rather than residential facilities to grow and develop as it reflects the belief that the family is usually the environment most suited for a child’s healthy growth and development. Children who are vulnerable and need family care may also be considered for permanent planning care via adoption. Growing up in a family environment allows such children to develop healthy attachments with a consistent caregiver. It also provides an enabling environment where children can experience sibling relationships and family living, connecting them to social support networks later in life.”

God’s best for children is to be in families; we can change the narrative. It is never too late.

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