Are you aware of the various child care systems we have in Ghana? Have an awesome read…

Alternative care is care for children who are not under the custody of their biological parents. It could be formal or informal, family-based or residential care.

1. Family-based care includes care by extended family members (kinship care), adoption and foster care

2. Foster care: Family type of care organized by the state for a child in need of care and protection.

3. Adoption provides a permanent alternative care solution for a child who cannot be with his/her biological parents

4. Residential care is care provided by a non-family based group setting including orphanages, children’s homes, children’s villages, and shelters

5. A foster parent is an adult licensed by the state who provide temporarily physical care, nurture, and emotional support in their home to children placed with them for planned, goal-directed services which will support the ultimate permanent life plan of a child

Foster care provides a family-based setting for children whose biological family is unable or unwilling to care for them.