At such an early age, he/she had lost all hope. the sole thing she/she wanted from his/her life was to require her back in time to the times when her parents were on the brink of him/her… when he/she want to attend school all excited to urge an honest education. She/he wanted to relive those days when (s)he had no pain or worries stopping her from playing and laughing care freely together with her friends.

(S)he wanted to be surrounded by people that cared for him/her well-being a bit just like old times

This child is only one of nearly 17.9 million orphans around the world who have lost both their parents. Such children like them have found their homes in orphanages and foster homes.

Imagine the pain and grief this child has skilled alone. Imagine if (God forbid) it had been you who had to suffer from the heartache of losing both your parents at such an early age or if you had to ascertain your young blood browsing this terrible ordeal. How would you feel?

Wouldn’t you have loved that someone offers you a shoulder to cry on, ears to vent, and a hand to tug you back up?

Be thankful that it wasn’t you who had to experience this pain but don’t ditch them either. What went on to them can happen with anyone – and it does! Life is unpredictable and therefore the tables are often turned in just seconds!

When was the last time you visited a foster home or an orphanage? Did you promise the kids you were going to return? Have you fulfilled your promise yet? just asking…