Dzifah Tamakloe

Time with Future Leaders

Time With Future Leaders is an annual empowerment and life-transforming program designed to support and inspire children in foster homes. The project commenced in 2018 and has been of tremendous help to two orphanage homes and counting.

Many people live with both parents yet, their needs are not adequately met. Some live with a single parent, and this is neither easy. You’ll agree with me that the situation is far worse for some who are without both parents.

Imagine a child who is not working or earning money, and without parents to cater for him or her. Imagine waking up not knowing exactly what to eat, drink or wear, just hoping that somebody somewhere comes to your aid. This is a daily affair for many children in many countries and most especially in orphanages.

Time with Future Leaders program aims at raising funds to solve the most pressing need of orphanage homes and to purchase items for the home.