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We are family reunification focused

Since the inception of the year 2022, Charis Touch Foundation has redefined its operations to family reunification for children in institutions through its advocacy services and liaising with social workers to put children in institutions in families.

Find out why

-Every child has the right to grow in a family

-Institutionalizing children provides a temporary solution to children’s need but has a lasting negative impact on children when they grow up

What is family reunification?

Family reunification in child welfare refers to the process of returning children in foster care with their birth parents or close relatives

Why Family Reunification?

It’s simple, because family preservation is still the best outcome for a child in foster care. Massive amounts of research has shown that separating children from their birth families is traumatic and it has long-lasting effects on their mental, emotional, and physical health. So if there is a possibility of reunifying the family, that’s still a better long term solution for a child compared to removing all family and cultural bonds. Foster care is intended to provide a temporary safe place for children who have nowhere else to go. During that time the birth parents have the opportunity to improve themselves and their situation with the hope for reunification.

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Dzifah Tamakloe