Dzifah Tamakloe

Kontomire Abom with Turkey Berries Recipe

Eat This Food if You Want to Stay Healthy- Kontomire Abom with Turkey Berries Recipe. Ever looking to treat yourself with a delicious Ghanaian delicacy? Try this recipe Kontomire Abom recipe out

400g of Organic Spinach or Cocoyam leaves or Kontomire

1 sliced large Onion

5g of turkey berries (kwansusua)

5g of groundnut

1g of fresh tomatoes

2 eggs or more

20g of Pettie Belle Chillies (Kpakposhito)

185g of Salted Fish (Koobi)

30ml of Zomi or Palm oil

Salt to taste and avocado (paya)


  • Wash the kontomire leaves well, remove the stalk from the vine and place in a pot together with the turkey berries and eggs.
  • Steam until the kontomire leaves are tender. Turn off the heat and keep any remaining water left after the steaming.
  • Place the chilli, onion, tomatoes, groundnut in an asanka (earthenware mortar) and mash it with the pestle.
  • Mash until it is well incorporated with the onion mixture.
  • Add the kontomire and mash well into the mixture. If it is too thick, loosen it up with a bit of water from the steaming process.
  • Add salt to taste. Removed cook egg from shell and add to stew.
  • Heat palm oil with onions and koobi and pour it on the mashed ingredients.
  • Serve this sauce with boiled cassava, yam, ripe and unripe plantains or cocoyam.
Dzifah Tamakloe
Ampesi with Kontomire Abom

I tried this recipe with boiled cassava (Bankye ampesi) and the rest is history. Give it a try!