Embracing Emotional Independence: The Symbolism of Your Shadow Leaving You When It Gets Dark

Dzifah Tamakloe

Your shadow leaves you when it gets dark

Growing up, I always thought the friends and loved ones you grew up with, will always be with you. Little did I know that was a terrible mistake on my part to think that way. We can all attest to the fact that, the people you grew up with will not be the people you will have around you all the time. We lose some of these loved ones via accident, and then then we become emotionally unstable.

Some of these loved ones leaves indelible marks in our hearts. Along the way, some friends you make may end up travelling and may never come back, others may get themselves involved in so many things. These creates and bring some form of disconnections and all these loses and disconnections brings so much emotional instability since we tend to love these people and will always wish they are around us all the time but suddenly we look around and they are no more.

I have suffered series of emotional turbulence and I know you have suffered same due to the disconnection of loved ones and friends by death, by travelling overseas etc.

To be on the safer side, it is best you build your emotions such that you get to that level where your emotions no longer faces turbulence and that is what I call “emotional independence”. Attaining this level of maturity with your emotions will make you strong and happy all the time. Always understand that no friendship is permanent because we are in a temporal world.

 True happiness is not the offspring of ideal circumstances. It is not the result of the way others behave around you or the attention you get from them or the degree to which your spouse or others love and appreciate you.

Learn to be independent when it comes to matters of emotions. This is because even your shadow leaves you when it gets dark.

Dzifah Tamakloe

 A life of emotional independence is one wherein your mood and self-esteem and self-worth and happiness are products of your own. Your feelings are independent of theirs. Others don’t “make” you sad or happy. You choose your emotional responses to life’s circumstances.

Emotional independence involves having the resilience and self-assurance to navigate life’s challenges without overly relying on external validation or support.

When we apply this concept to the disappearing shadow in the dark, it symbolizes the capacity to maintain our emotional strength and stability even in moments of uncertainty or adversity.

Just as our literal shadow may vanish in the absence of light, emotional independence encourages us to cultivate inner strength and self-reliance regardless of external circumstances.

It means being able to stand firm and self-assured even when faced with darkness or challenges, much like the absence of light in the evening.

Dzifah Tamakloe

Embracing emotional independence involves acknowledging and confronting our inner fears and insecurities without depending solely on external affirmations or reassurances. It’s about recognizing that our emotional well-being and self-worth don’t solely rely on external sources of light, but rather stems from within, even in times of darkness.

When our metaphorical shadow leaves us in the dark, it serves as a metaphor for asserting our emotional independence by shining a light on our internal strengths, resilience, and self-assurance.

It signifies our ability to remain emotionally grounded and self-reliant, independent of external validations or support, much like our shadow that disappears but reemerges with the return of light.

This is not to say you wouldn’t need others’ affection and love. We all need affection, care, and love and wish that our loved ones were always with us. However, try to be emotionally independent to save yourself from stress in situations where things go in opposite directions.

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