Empowering Women: Advocacy and Resources in Halifax, Nova Scotia

When it comes to advocacy and human welfare, I never miss out. I find great joy in partaking in such events. I recently attended a knowledge-sharing event in Halifax that focused on gender-based violence and women’s homelessness. Women’s empowerment is gaining momentum, and Nova Scotia is leading the way in style.

Dzifah Tamakloe

This gathering brought together advocates, survivors, service providers, and policymakers, all united in their mission to address these critical issues. The experience was enlightening and deeply inspiring, highlighting women’s resilience and the power of community support.

Discovering Vital Resources

Throughout the day, I visited numerous booths to gather knowledge and learn about the various resources and organizations dedicated to assisting women affected by violence and homelessness. Here are some of the standout initiatives I encountered:

YWCA Halifax: This organization operates an emergency shelter that prioritizes the safety and well-being of women and their children. They provide immediate refuge, legal assistance, and support groups to women. I am currently undertaking my placement with this organization, and it has been a fantastic experience.

Elizabeth Fry Society: Offering a group program to address the underlying factors contributing to unhealthy relationships through an indigenous perspective. Email the programs coordinator at indigenousprograms@efrymns.ca

211: dial 211. Text 211. Visit ns.211.ca. Your trusted connection to the community and government resources, programs and services you need in Nova Scotia-Halifax

IWK prenatal social work support: IWK social workers provide counselling, advocacy and advice on community resources.

Naomi Society: The Naomi Society provides support to women, children, and people of all genders through trauma-informed community prevention, outreach, support, and advocacy.

Atlantic Muslim Resource Center: The center offers myriad opportunities to Muslims. Email the center at intake@ummahmasjid.ca

Immigrant migrant Women Association: The association provides different support services to newcomers in Halifax, including translation services.

Canadian Perinatal Mental Health Collaborative: This initiative calls for a national strategy for perinatal mental health. Sign up at www.cpmhc.ca

Shelter Movers transit secours: Shelter Movers is a national, volunteer-powered charitable organization providing moving and storage services at no cost to individuals and families fleeing abuse. Visit transitsecours.com / ShelterMovers.com.

Immigration Services Association Of Nova Scotia. Visit www.isans.ca for more information.

Harbour House South Shore Transition House Association. For more information, visit Harbour House on Facebook.

Coverdale Justice Society: Coverdale Justice Society works to improve access to justice, provide alternatives to the traditional justice system and enhance public safety and well-being in our communities. Visit www.coverdale.ca

Wijewinen Health Centre ( an initiative by the Friendship Center): This center serves the urban indigenous community in Kjipuktuk and surrounding areas within the Halifax regional municipality. Visit wijewinenhealthcentre.com for details.

Adsum: offers housing, among others, to women and children. Visit www.adsumforwomen.org

Center for migrant workers rights Nova Scotia: The center provides information and support to migrant workers throughout Nova Scotia. Visit www.migrantjusticens.ca

Pictou County Women’s Resource and sexual assault center: The center provides confidential space for all women. Visit www.womenscentre.ca

Women’s centres in Nova Scotia: It is a multi-service organization in 9 communities across Nova Scotia. Learn more by visiting womenconnect.ca

Nova Scotia Legal Aid Commission: This organization helps women obtain protective orders, navigate custody battles, and secure their rights, ensuring access to justice.

Dzifah Tamakloe

Avalon Sexual Assault Centre: Specializing in healthcare and mental health services for women who have experienced violence, Avalon provides comprehensive care, including physical health check-ups, mental health counselling, and substance abuse treatment.

Bryony House: A grassroots organization that creates peer support groups and community outreach programs, Bryony House fosters a sense of solidarity and mutual aid among women, serving as a lifeline for those in crisis. Email staff@byronyhouse.ca

Metro Interagency Committee on Family Violence: This is a diverse action-oriented  committee of community and government service providers, advocates and researchers

Juniper House: visit juniperhouse.ca for more information

Saint Mary’s University Sexual Violence Prevention Initiative services of change


T.R.A.N.S:  Visit TRANSadvocacyNS.com

YMCA: Visit https://ymcahfx.ca/ for more information.

My reflections

As an international social work student, attending this event was a profound reminder of the resilience and strength of women facing seemingly insurmountable challenges. The resources and programs available in Halifax are making a tangible difference, providing hope and pathways to a better future for many women.

However, the event also highlighted the need for more support and awareness. Gender-based violence and homelessness are pervasive issues that require sustained attention and action from all sectors of society.

Share to help someone. Feel free to list any organization you know of that I left out.

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