How To Heal After Leaving Care without Therapy

Healing after care can take you forever. I chanced on a quote on Instagram some time ago that read “The wound was not your fault, but the healing is your responsibility. It is never an easy ice to break finding yourself in a situation that could have been prevented.

Having to battle with inferiority complex is no joke at all. Finding your feet and fitting in society after care is another serious dilemma most care leavers face. Having to look for love in strange and wrong places and getting hurt over and over again is not an easy ice to break. Not having any mentorship to assist you navigate your way through life is also another pain on its own. Having to fight really hard to accept your family’s love or be accepted by your family is also painful.

So how did I overcome all these emotional traumas and located my voice?

I kept the orphanage thing to myself during my senior high school days and in my undergraduate days. Lonely became loud on it during my Mphil. studies in 2017. Why did I keep mute, I did that to avoid premature exposure and pity from my colleagues in school? During those times, I was working on my inner self by reading and studying and grabbing every opportunity to become my better self.

I confided in very few friends and tutors about my situation

Dzifah Tamakloe
Healing After care

Intentionally make a decision to forgive my dad and all those who looked down on me one way or the other because I was struggling to fit in.

I intentionally read books on healing and purpose and these books enhanced my understanding about whatever situation life presents to us. It was after receiving this illumination that I started a charitable organization that gave back to young people in orphanages.

Things began to take a different turn for me afterwards. My healing journey hasn’t been smooth as some wounds get bruised and the memories become fresh in your mind. Through it all, God held my hand and comforted me.

This is to let you know you can also heal. You are a decision away

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