List of Orphanages in Ghana- Region and District 2022

Have you ever come across the list of orphanages in Ghana, Region by Region yet? This article provides that for you. I guess I am not the only one who get upset wanting to find the list of orphanages both registered and unregistered in all the regions on the internet but don’t find it.

Most times, it becomes difficult getting a specific orphanage to visit when you visit the internet.

The few you see online are the very popular ones, hence depriving those orphanages that are unpopular and are in need the most. People visit orphanages for various reasons. Some visit orphanages for a breakthrough. Others visit orphanages to hang out with the kids. Others visit the orphanage for curious or investigative reasons.

Whichever way you see it or whatever your reasons are for visiting or supporting orphanages or foster homes, you deserve an award. Of course, all of your reasons are great.

 The list of orphanages and the Regions you can find are provided below. Mind you some of these orphanages have been earmarked for closure hence kindly do a thorough investigation before visiting any of them.

The orphanage I grew up in is in the Eastern Region. Can you guess? With this information at hand, please regularize your visits to orphanages. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more updates on Foster Care, Orphanages, and more.

There is an ongoing movement to make the world without orphanages. This means organizations are trying to reunite children living in orphanages with communities and families (biological and non-biological). Find out how you can be a part of this movement. Children belong in families not orphanages.

Dzifah Tamakloe
RegionDistrictFacility name
AhafoTano-North MunicipalMums Love Care Foundation
Ashanti Asokore MampongKumasi Children’s Home                         
Ashanti Oforikorm  King Jesus Orphanage                                                   
Ashanti Bosomtwe TOUCH A LIFE  CARE CENTRE                                  
Ashanti Bosomtwe Grace and Hope Foundation 
Ashanti KMARemar  Association                              
Ashanti OffinsoOFFIN CHILDREN’S CENTRE                      
Ashanti ObuasiADULLAM ORPHANAGE                           
Ashanti Mampong MunicipalMAMPONG BABIES HOME              
Ashanti Afigya KwabreASHAN CHILDREN’S VILLAGE        
Ashanti BekwaiSave Our Lives                                      
Ashanti Sekyere Kumawu WESTPHELIAN CHILDREN’S VILLAGE        
Ashanti Sekyere Kumawu ANJAH’S CHILDREN’S HOME                       
Ashanti Adansi AsokwaPATMOS ORPHANAGE                               
Ashanti Kwabre EastNANA DEBORAH’S SAFE HAVEN       
Ashanti Asokore MampongSOS CHILDREN’S VILLAGE                    
Ashanti Oforikrom MunicipalALL NATIONS CHARITY HOME             
Ashanti Oforikrom MunicipalTRINITY  FOUNDATION                      
Ashanti Ejisu MunicipalKiku Kinderhouse
Ashanti Ejisu MunicipalRemar
Ashanti KMANew Life (Missionnaries of Charity)
BonoSunyani MunicipalHanukkah
BonoBerekum MunicipalWorld of Friends
BonoSunyani WestPresby Dutch
BonoSunyani MunicipalKids Shelter
BonoSunyani MunicipalCompassion is Love in Action
BonoSunyani MunicipalRemar
Bono EastNkoranza MunicipalLet Kids Smiles
Bono EastTechiman MunicipalFrank May
Bono EastTechiman NorthBestheda
CentralGomoa EastGhana Make A Difference
CentralGomoa EastHope Children’s Village
CentralAwutu Senya EastRoyal Seed Home
CentralKomenda-Edina-Eguafo-AbiremLiving Hope Ministries
CentralAgona WestMother Care Orphanage
CentralKomenda-Edina-Eguafo-AbiremTrinity Baptist Orphanage
CentralGomoa CentralChallenging Heights
CentralAwutu SenyaCountry-Side Children’s Welfare Home
CentralEffutu MunicipalMethodist Rafiki Satelite Village
CentralAgona EastAgyanka Wo Anidaso Dev’t Foundation
CentralAwutu Senya EastGood Shepherd Orphanage
CentralCape Coast MetropolitanLight House Orphanage
CentralEffutu MunicipalPearl House
EasternSuhum MunicipalBaptist School Complex & Orphanage
EasternSuhum MunicipalJehovah rapha fondation
EasternKwahu EastBless the Children International Home
EasternAyensuanoProject Nyame Nsa
EasternLower Manya Municipal AssemblyNectar Foundation
EasternNsawam-AdoagiriWeep not child foundation
EasternOkereHour of Grace
EasternAkwampim SouthLighthouse Christians Home
EasternDenkyembourGood Shepherd Development Outreach
EasternDenkyembourOur Faith in God
EasternFanteakwa NorthNation builders International
EasternKwahu Afram Plains NorthSpartanburg
EasternNew Juaben North MunicipalAkwadum Christian Village
EasternWest AkimOsenase Orphanage
EasternAkuapem North Municipal AssemblyCasa Italia
Greater AccraKpone Katamanso Municipal AssemblyAmazing Shepherd
Greater AccraKpone Katamanso Municipal AssemblyPower of Love
Greater AccraKpone Katamanso Municipal AssemblySave Them Young
Greater AccraKpone Katamanso Municipal AssemblyBeacon House of Hope
Greater AccraLa Dadekotopon MunicipalityShelter for abused children
Greater AccraKrowor MunicipalityNew Life Nungua Children’s Home International
Greater AccraLedzokuku  MunicipalityGreat Mission International and Rehabilitation Children’s Home
Greater AccraLedzokuku Assurance of Hope for the Needy
Greater AccraLedzokuku The Fern House Pregnancy & Resoucre Centre
Greater AccraLedzokuku Teshie Children’s Home
Greater AccraGa WestChance for Children
Greater AccraGa WestHaven of Hope
Greater AccraGa WestRafiki
Greater AccraGa WestCWC Children’s Home
Greater AccraGa WestHuman Compasion Organisation
Greater AccraGa SouthNurturing Nations -Ghana
Greater AccraLa Dadekotopon MunicipalityOsu Children’s Home
Greater AccraGa EastAgape Children’s Home
Greater AccraShai – Osu DokuCity of Refuge
Greater AccraShai – Osu DokuGet Up To Success
Greater AccraShai – Osu DokuPotters Village
Greater AccraAdenta MunicipalityChrist Faith Foster Home
Greater AccraAdenta MunicipalitySafe Haven Foster Home
Greater AccraAdenta MunicipalityNyame Dua
Greater AccraAdenta MunicipalityWest Africa Merch Ministries
Greater AccraGa EastCaring Hands of God Children’s Centre
Greater AccraGa  EastHandiVangelism
Greater AccraLa – NkwantanangEchoeing Hills
Greater AccraAshaiman MunicipalityAfrican America Relief Centre
Greater AccraLEKMAAssurance of Hope 
Greater AccraAshaiman MunicipalityMissionaries of Charity
Greater Accra Remar Bubuashie Girls Home
Greater AccraNINGO PRAMPRAMKinder Paradise
Greater AccraTema MetroRemar Christian Rehabilitation Centre
Greater AccraTema MetroSoS Children’s Village Home
Greater AccraGa WestKressner Handmaids Children’s Home
Greater AccraAdenta MunicipalityLove a lot
Greater AccraKorle KlotteyRemar
Greater AccraShai – Osu DokuOsudoku Orphanage
Greater AccraGa EastMotherly Love Foundation
Greater AccraAda WestLight Outreach
NorthernTamale MetroTamale Children’s Home
NorthernSagnariguMercy Children’s Home
NorthernTamale MetroAnfaani Children’s Home
NorthernMionNazareth Home for God’s Children
NorthernTamale MetroSOS Children’s Village
OtiKrachi WestVillage of Life (PACODEP)
SavannaWest GonjaRedemption Children’s Home
SavannaSawla/Tuna KalbaSawla Children’s Home
Upper EastBolga MunicipalMama Laadi Children Home
Upper EastBolga MunicipalCentre For Child Development
Upper EastBolga MunicipalNyame Dua
Upper EastKassena WestMother of Mercy  Babies Home
Upper EastBuilsa NorthHorizon Children Home
Upper EastBongoChurch of Christ Orphanage
Upper EastTalensiTimataaba Orphanage
Upper EastBolga MunicipalGod’s Love Children Home
Upper EastBawku-WestLight for the Vulnerable
Upper WestJirapa MunicipalSt.Joseph’s Orphanage
Upper WestWa MunicipalChild Support Ghana
VoltaHo MunicipalMadamfo Ghana Children’s Shelter
VoltaHo MunicipalRema,Ho
VoltaKpando MunicipalGlobal Presence
VoltaKpando MunicipalHardthaven
VoltaKpando MunicipalRyvanz Mia Child Care Centre
VoltaHohoe MunicipalHouse of Hope
VoltaHohoe MunicipalVolta Hope Children`s Home
VoltaHohoe MunicipalHappy Kids Foundation
VoltaAfadzato South DistrictEugemot Foundation
VoltaAfadzato South DistrictVolta Home
VoltaAkatsi SouthHarvest Hope International
VoltaKeta MunicipalIn My Father’s House Children`s Village
VoltaKeta MunicipalMy Father’s Heart International
VoltaKeta MunicipalChildren of Zion
VoltaKetu South MunicipalProvidence Home
VoltaKetu South MunicipalJesse Hope of Glory
WesternEllembelleWorld Alive
WesternShamaJomelos Shelter Home
WesternSTMAFather’s Home Care Ministries
WesternShamaAmazing Grace R.H.C
WesternTarkwaAngels of Hope
WesternAhanta WestEgyam Childrens Home
WesternAhanta WestRemar Association (Ghana)

To make it easier, look out for any of these orphanages you want to visit by typing their name in your search engine and get all the needed information. Best viewed on your Laptop. Kindly send an email to if you need further help.


  1. Thanks so much for this ive been trying to look for orphanages in volta region and specifically keta that’s where my ghanian family live and I live here in Australia but I want to educate and help, support and experience my love for your country and open peoples minds and eye’s and heart’s so thankyou, your a blessing

  2. I would like to connect to do something to assist. I will be in Ghana this December and would like to visit

  3. Please, can I have the contact information of the Grace and Hope Foundation in the Bosomtwe district? We want the specific location to donate

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