Family-Based Vs. Institutional Care – Hard Copy


This heartfelt story from the authors of “Family-Based Vs. Institutional Care: Best Approaches to Caring for Orphans and Vulnerable Children in need of Alternative Care” is a call to society on what best approaches to use in caring for orphans and vulnerable children (OVC). As adults who experienced living in an institution and foster care, the authors seek to divulge the best way society should care for OVCs.
The book provides a comprehensive account of foster care, adoption, and institutional care (orphanages) in Ghana and the options available in-country for out-of-home children. It examines the socio-legal, political, cultural, and economic dynamics of caring for children who cannot live with their families and need alternative care for one reason or another.
The book is a masterpiece of its kind, a once-in-a-generation one that takes a deep interest in finding solutions to vulnerable children’s complex problems. Written in an honest, approachable mode, this multi-faceted book can be read alone or used as a group support resource in caring for Orphans and Vulnerable Children the right way.



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