Teach Your Children To be Empathetic- The WHY SERIES book unveiling

The Why Series is a conversation between a mother and her daughter on varied social issues. If you want your child to be kind, empathetic and a Changemaker, this book is a perfect choice for you. I co-authored the Why series with my Grade 5 Pal Hephzibah Bannerman

Being kind is a skill we can practice, like math, science, or reading. It starts by helping our children recognize when a friend or family needs help. Then, we can encourage kind behavior by suggesting ways to be kind and compassionate and improve the situation. (Mum, I saw many women of diverse ages pleading to carry people’s items at the market.  They looked like people without homes. While watching everything happening, Grandma waved at one of them, who looked thrice my age, to carry all the items we bought. Grandma said they are called female head porters or ‘Kayayeis. Mum, please, where do female head porters or Kayayeis sleep at night, and who are they?”)

…and that’s how the WHY SERIES begins, an unforgettable conversation between a mother and her daughter on diverse social issues…

Help your child to be kind by reading the WHY SERIES …The series contains five books in all. The E-book will be available on this website and Amazon. The hard copies will be in some selected bookshops. Post will be updated with all the links by April 30th. Anticipate

Dzifah Tamakloe

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