Use What You have, You were Not Born Empty

We all have unique gift and abilities inside of us. Frankly speaking, no one was born empty. You were not born empty neither was I.

But what do we see around us? A lot of people have neglected their own gifting and pursuing after other people’s gifts forgetting that these people also started by using what they had. Beloved stop running around , sit down and reflect on what you have. Why do want to talk like someone, preach like someone, dress like someone when these people are not accreditation board for preaching, dressing etc.

Please be yourself! Use what you have. Love your small gifting and build on it. The world will be a better place when every one worked on his/her gifting. Sampson had only a jaw bone, but he did not stop a moment to lament that fact. Imagine if he had left that jawbone in search of a gun. We all know what would have happened. But when he decided to use the jawbone.

The spirit of the Lord came on him and he overcame the Philistines. Don’t worry because you seem to have so little ability. Use the little you have and with consistency, you will achieve a lot. Stop dreaming about perfect conditions, because you will not find them in this world(lol). Stop acting like others and be yourself. Shalom

Dzifah Tamakloe

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