About Dzifah

Deborah is an Author, OVC advocate, the Host of the “Share To Stir” Show, and an Entrepreneur. Deborah Dzifah Tamakloe grew up in the Baptist School Complex and Orphanage in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

As a child from a broken home, Deborah has a remarkable life journey that presents the possibility of rising from utter despair to hope. Facing these obstacles in her own life instilled in her a passionate drive to fight for those in the situation she used to be in.

Having been moved beyond tears by the stories of these children she grew up with, she promised to give them the voice they did not have. She had her secondary education at Ghana Senior High School and holds a Mphil degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of Ghana.   She is the Charis Touch Foundation founder, an NGO supporting orphans and vulnerable children (OVC).  

She was honored with the 2020 Amazing Woman award for her humanitarian work in Ghana. When Deborah is not writing, she spends most of her time reading, cooking, visiting care homes, and listening to her favorite Hillsong worship songs. She is also an Ashoka changemaker, an African Changemaker Alumni, a Kectil Fellow,  a Mentor, and a USAID CECA Care Leaders Council member.  

This website is the evolution of her life and career over the last decade. Here you’ll find posts about orphans and vulnerable children and more… her intention with every post is the same: to share stories on child welfare so you can be a voice.

The best part about the blog? It’s all free content. she hopes you find it helpful and you’ll check out her other sites and social feeds, which all have different content to share. Deborah is married to Yerebakia Choro, and pursuing a MSW degree at Dalhousie Univeristy.

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