Ghana Without Orphans Sensitizes Ghanaians to Partake in Orphan Care Ministry

Ghana Without Orphans (GWO), an offshoot of the World Without Orphan movement with a shared vision for every child to grow up in a healthy, loving permanent family and knowing the Heavenly Father has urged Ghanaians to partake in the orphan care Ministry.

GWO was born out of the understanding of God’s heart for vulnerable children and His command in Scripture (James 1:27) to take care of them.

Ghana Without Orphans

Reverend David Kwadwo Ofosuhene, Board Chairman of All God’s Children International and a Steering Committee Member of Ghana without Orphans (GWO), has appealed to churches to provide orphans and vulnerable children a place of love, hope and a sense of belonging within the Christian environment.

In an interview, he said many references in scripturhelped to recognize that churches had a role to play so far as orphan care is concerned, adding; ‘orphan care is the heartbeat of God’.

He said orphanages and foster homes should serve as an emergency placement for those victims; and citied an example ‘where one man or woman caters for 30 children which eventually worsens the situation’.

“The act in some of these homes is not the best and emphasizes the need for orphans to have families to call them their children. He revealed that there is a need to sensitize church members and the public on the need to partake in orphan care ministry,” he revealed.

Manual for Vulnerable Children’s Ministry

Dzifah Tamakloe
kids deserve families

The GWO is embarking on several activities to promote communication within and among orphan networks, help advocates share their successes and challenges and learn from each other as they design and test working models to improve services to orphans and families.

Rev. George Abaidoo launched a new Book titled: “Manual for Vulnerable Children’s Ministry” which is expected to serve as a guide for raising, fostering and nurturing orphans and vulnerable children in general.

Ghanaians believe in the family system hence orphans and those vulnerable unfortunately can also be offered some hope if people should start adopting and fostering them which can go a long way to reduce the burden and load on orphanage homes and centers, he revealed.

Touching on how it all began, Rev. George Abaidoo recalled that he had the vision to set up an orphanage. Still, considering the cost involved, he later had to divert into promoting and encouraging foster parenting and adoptions, especially among churches and families.

The Ghanaian society and the government stand to benefit a lot from this since we won’t have to worry about people becoming liabilities,” the man of God stated.

Find out more about GWO here.


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