How to donate slightly used clothes- All you need to know

Most people find it difficult on what best approach to use in donating their slightly used clothes. Many times, most people dump and do not donate. In this article, I will show you one of the easiest steps to follow when donating your slightly used clothes. I used the word slightly used because that is the type of clothes that need to be donated and not old and tattered clothes. Each section has been carefully written to help you donate the right way.

What do you do with slightly used/outgrown clothes?

Numerous non-profit entities in your country/province/region are into GIK (GIFT IN KIND) programs. All these organizations are a Google search away.

If you are in Ghana and do not know where to donate your slightly used clothes, contact the Charis Touch Foundation Ghana, and you will be guided on what to do.

What does donating slightly used clothes mean?

Donating your slightly used clothes help others who cannot afford them to keep warm.
Donating to foundations gives those who are homeless or unable to afford new clothes, a place to purchase preloved clothing at a discounted price. Many charities will use the revenue raised to give back to the community, continuing to help people in need.

Should clothes be washed before donating?

I developed some simple steps for all people wanting to donate their slightly used or outgrown clothes.

Dzifah Tamakloe

Always wash clothes before donating. Donating clean clothes is important for a couple of reasons: The first is that other human beings must wear or handle your used clothes, as well as sort them and prep them for resale.

What is the impact of a donation?

Generosity can also lower your blood pressure. Research has proven that donating activates the pleasure center in your brain. Voluntary donations are especially pleasurable and improve your happiness, joy, and contentment. Would you not be glad to see a vulnerable person happily wearing your donated clothes? Think about it

Unacceptable clothes for donation

  • No undies. No, if’s, and’s, or but’s about it. …
  • Does your old favorite shirt have a hole in it? …
  • Do your shorts still have a weird smell? …
  • If any of your clothes have spots or stains on them, try to remove them yourself or take them to a professional.

What to Do With Old Clothes That Can’t Be Donated

If you grew up receiving used clothes as a kid, you likely have experience with clothing that isn’t in the best shape to donate. Like myself, growing up in an orphanage taught me to give good things to people in need. Clothes that can not be donated can be used for the following:

Cut or tear your old clothes up and make them into rags for cleaning

Dye the fabric and turn it into something usable like a hair elastic or headband

Use the textiles as pillow stuffing

Wear old stained or damaged clothing for painting projects or other dirty tasks like yardwork

Practice sewing or patch repair

What Every Child in an Orphanage Wished Their Donors Knew

Based on my personal experience at the orphanage, this letter comprises things every child in the orphanage wished that sponsors and donors knew back then but couldn’t tell them.

Dear Donor,

Concerning clothing donation, please always donate the right ones, not substandard clothing. We still got heartbroken and got the messages imprinted in our memories that we don’t deserve new things. Please do not donate your used undies to us too. We would appreciate it if you had them burnt. Dear donor, don’t also paint the worst scenario of our situation to persuade people to give.

Thank you for understanding.


Children living in orphanages.

Excerpted from the book: Forest in the Wilderness: Life Inside a Ghanaian Orphanage

If kindness must be done, it must be done with integrity and respect. At least one that would make the recipient happy.

Deborah Dzifah Tamakloe
Dzifah Tamakloe

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