Seven 2021 must read books about orphanages, orphans and foster care that will change your heart for vulnerable children

I guess you have read or heard about Oliver Twist, Cinderella and Anne of Green Gables. There have been more interesting books about orphanages, orphans and foster care published over the years and 2021 is no exception. For all the orphan lovers and the people who care about the vulnerable, these books are a must read as they are heart wrenching and explains childhood trauma and overcoming it. Find out the Seven 2021 must read books about orphanages, orphans and foster care.

  1. Spread love: A Journey of Orphanage Women

Lakshmi lost her parents at a young age and grew up in Orphanages. Her Goal is to Feed more people who can’t survive a day without food. Grandma said, Let help many homeless and give lots of love. And she left the US for India to reduce her hungry dream. Lakshmi has been selected to attend a function for her kindness act.

2. Forest In The Wilderness: Life Inside A Ghanaian Orphanage

What is it like to grow up in an orphanage? The book, ‘Forest in the wilderness,’ take readers on the roller coaster of emotions through the multifaceted layers of events in a Ghanaian orphanage.
The book highlights detailed observations of children’s lives in a typical Ghanaian orphanage and the need to provide a genuinely helpful environment for them. It’s an account through the various phases of the Authors life —beginning as a child, then a teenager, and finally a young adult. “Forest in the Wilderness” shares a delightful story for anyone that has a prime interest in social equity.

3. The Orphanage on Lincoln Avenue

A coming of age story, based on true events, of a young man who encountered the traumas of bullying, child abuse, ultra-conservative religious practices, and homosexuality throughout his experiences at a Christian orphanage in the mid-1960s.

Pseudonyms were used to protect the identities of the persons involved.


It was a warm summer evening as I carefully positioned the plastic sheet in the outside door frame. My next-door neighbor had accidentally locked himself out of his home and asked my help to solve his problem. I quickly unlocked it, opening his door for access. He looked at me relieved and amazed, as he said, “John, thanks for your help, but how did you learn to unlock doors like that?” I responded, “I was a busy juvenile delinquent as a kid; however, the YMCA successfully rehabilitated my attitude and behaviors…but the skills remain!”. I continue to use my past skills and knowledge more constructively for my family and community.

That story is one of several stories about the impact of my orphanage life. Over time it became clear that my family would benefit from understanding their parents’ and grandparents’ journey which could give them inspiration and confidence in their own lives.

Although I agreed with the family benefits, I was still reluctant to analyze my journey. However, I stayed open to the possibility for several years because I did sense some personal benefit from this exercise. Deep down I knew this approach could be a potential road to healing…but I under estimated the healing power of this exercise

5. The Orphanage: Project S.T.I.N.G.E.R.

After the sudden death of his father, Tyler Hansen finds himself swept away from his normal teenage life and thrown into a world of mystery and secrets with a mother he’s never known.

As he tries and unlock the shadowy past of his family, he discovers something amazing, Project S.T.I.N.G.E.R, a robotic suit that transforms him from an average teenage to a superhero! Now stuck with a great responsibility, Tyler sets off on adventure to reconnect with himself and his parents, all while trying to stop a corporation from turning his family’s legacy into a tool for war

6. On the Road Less Traveled: An Unlikely Journey from the Orphanage to the Boardroom

A powerful story touched with family trauma, deprivation, and adversity balanced by a life of hard work and philanthropy!

On the Road Less Traveled is the inspirational story of Edmund A. Hajim, an American financier and philanthropist who rises from dire childhood circumstances to achieve professional success and personal fulfillment. At age three, Hajim is kidnapped by his father, driven from St. Louis to Los Angeles, and told that his mother is dead. His father soon abandons him in order to seek employment—mostly in vain—leaving his son behind in a string of foster homes and orphanages. This establishes a pattern of neglect and desertion that continues for Hajim’s entire childhood, forever leaving its mark.

From one home to another, the lonely boy learns the value of self-reliance and perseverance despite his financial deprivation and the trauma of being an orphan.

As time passes, Hajim displays a powerful instinct for survival and a burning drive to excel. A highly motivated student and athlete, he earns an NROTC college scholarship to the University of Rochester; serves in the United States Navy; works as an application research engineer; then attends Harvard Business School, where he finds that the financial industry is his true calling. So begins his rapid ascent in the corporate world, which includes senior executive positions at E. F. Hutton, Lehman Brothers, and fourteen years as CEO of Furman Selz, growing the company more

than tenfold. He also creates a happy and abundant family life, though he never forgets what it means to struggle. At age sixty, he is reminded of his painful past when a family secret emerges that brings the story full circle

7. The Orphanage: An absolutely heartbreaking and unputdownable historical fiction page-turner (Shilling Grange Children’s Home Book 1

Clara Newton is the new Housemother of Shilling Grange Orphanage. Many of the children have been bombed out of their homes and left without families, their lives torn apart by the war, just like Clara’s. Devastated by the loss of her fiancé, a brave American pilot, she is just looking for a place to start again.

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