The power to decide is yours to make

Every one of us is always a decision away from living a fulfilled or an amazing life. A lot of times we tend to either remain comfortable with certain situations and those situations eventually become a habit.

Do not only wish for change-Act instead. What is it that have been stealing your peace all these years? what weight or sinful act are you holding unto because of your inability to make a decision? What mistakes are you repeatedly making because of lack of decision?What business are you suppose to start but still postponing because of your lack of proper decision? Always remember that, you can live that fulfilling life -it is just a decision away

You are a decision away from ending an abusive relationship. Also,you are a decision away from enjoying a good relationship. You are a decision away from leaving any secret sin behind and embracing a whole new life. You are a decision away from becoming that person you want to become. Do not stay at the same place,same position, same thoughts and with same attitude.

Whatever you allow will keep happening in your life. Take that bold decision today and forget about how that decision is going to make others feel about you. Once that decision give you inner peace, fulfillment and connect you to your Maker-go ahead and make that decision.

Remember, you are always a decision away. Don’t wait until it is too late

What hard decision have you ever taken and how has it impacted your life?

Dzifah Tamakloe

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