Fear of the unknown

There are times we entertain some fears in our mind. This could be the fear of losing a loved one, the fear of break up, the fear of failing at something.

But hear me out, once these fears are entertained and nurtured in your mind, they begin to gain roots and then they become real. Job once said, what I greatly feared has come upon me. Meaning all those times, Job had the fear of losing all he had one day.

Yes! there are times fear will set in concerning that relationship, regarding that new business you want to embark on but trust me…don’t entertain that fear at all. Instead of being afraid of losing or failing…rather think positive. The holy book says as a man think in his heart…so is He.

This is to tell you that, in all circumstances choose to think positive rather than entertaining fear. Take that bold step today. The fear of the unknown has to be dealt with and this can be done by praying and being positive always.

Be positive and positive things will get attracted to you.

Dzifah Tamakloe


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