Two reasons why you must support orphans and vulnerable children

1. Every orphan has a hidden potential

The only reason why you never became an orphan or ended up in an orphanage is —Luck. Every orphan you meet at the orphanage has the potential to become someone great in the future. This is why offering a helping hand to an orphan or any vulnerable child is important. Regardless of where life has placed them, Orphans when supported by society can rise to become great personalities in the world. Find out about the world’s most celebrated orphans and get inspired to help an orphan realize his/ her dream in life.…/Eight-Famous-People-You-Didnt

2. Every orphan has a dream

Like every child, orphans have a dream too. They have a dream to rise to significance in life someday. They have a dream to go to the best schools in the world. They have a dream to get a helper each step of their way and this means a lot to them.#orphanadvocate#orphandiaries#dreamsofanorphan

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