Dzifah Tamakloe

Orphanages you can visit this Christmas in Ghana

Do you have plans of spending some time with an orphanage? Find below places you can visit in Accra.

Echoing Hills Village, Ghana. 027 635 8070

Enough Grace Foundation. 024 657 2052

Teshie Orphanage. 054 500 5640

Rising Star Home (Orphanage)

024 821 8265

Kinder Paradise

055 848 3628

Dzorwulu Special School

027 741 8965

Nyamedua Children’s Home

024 464 4809

Save Them Young Orphanage

020 817 2932

The list of all orphanages in Ghana (Region by Region), issues about the Care Reform Initiative, issues about deinstitutionalization and more will be shared on my YouTube channel soon. Please subscribe and be updated when new videos are uploaded.

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