Do people reject your friendship always? What do you do afterwards? Cry? feel bad? or move on?

There are times that you always wish a particular person was your friend. You go like.. How I wish so so and so was my friend. You then try all you can to win that person’s friendship but you are not able to because probably you didn’t have what it takes to be his or her friend( you may not dress like they dress, ride the cars they ride or probably have the looks they want).

I remember my first time in class at the senior high school. People were making friends but I couldn’t make any because no one wanted me as a friend. There were groups in the Class but I couldn’t join any of the groups because nobody wanted me to be in their group simply because I didn’t have the looks. It was after I came out first in one class test that my classmates started getting closer.

You know what? People are and will be your friend because of where you are and what you can do. But we have a father, a friend who is always ready and needs OUR friendship than any one else. Don’t write yourself of because you couldn’t win the friendship of some people. We have a great friend in Jesus.

Dzifah Tamakloe

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