The Great Sigh-orphans and vulnerable children have dreams too

Dzifah Tamakloe

A child is termed vulnerable if he or she has inadequate or no parental support.

A friend asked me whether every orphan or vulnerable children have a dream. The Great Sigh-orphans and vulnerable children have dreams too. Every orphan or vulnerable child you meet on the street or in the orphanage has dreams. So much is imbedded in these young ones that the world has no knowledge about. Amongst some of these dreams include the dream to feel loved, cherished and just to mention but a few. Before I get ahead of myself lets explore some of the dreams and aspirations of every orphan or vulnerable child you meet.

The dream to feel loved and cherished

I recall vividly the orphanage I grew up in and the moment of loneliness each of us shared. There was this bond and unity at the home during the day but deep into the night, I felt lonely and I guess it was with all the other children too. Children living on the streets also feel lonely but cannot voice it out. It can be seen only through their eyes. Most times, every child desires to hear goodnight from his or her dad before retiring to bed but in the case of orphans or vulnerable children, that word sounds like something strange. Over the years they build some form of tough skin by going through all the hardships alone. Hence, it becomes hard to even accept all the care and love the world gives to them after some time. I for one became emotionless until I decided to work on my emotions. If you happen to friend an orphan or marry one, please go the extra mile and tell them all the beautiful things.

At the initial stages, they might be cold about your kind gestures but with time, they get to accept it and appreciate you for it. At a point in time, every orphan or vulnerable child’s trust gets broken by the circumstances around him or her. Please do not break the trust of an orphan or vulnerable child. When your path cross with an OVC, please let them know they are loved. It goes a long way to help them.

The dream to go to school

Every vulnerable child you meet has the dream of pursuing higher studies. They have the dream to be doctors in the future and other equally great personalities shortly. At the home where I grew up. A lot of us had the dream to get sponsors up to the tertiary level but that didn’t happen to most of us. Most OVCs had to struggle their way into tertiary while others gave up along the way. You ask yourself what happened to those beautiful jobs and degrees they dreamt about. It fell into the water and got carried into the deep ocean where the heavy waves covered it from the human eye. Most of them watched their career dreams die within while they resorted to other menial jobs. For instance, a brother I grew up with in the orphanage had the desire to become a doctor but someway somehow. maybe we can call it fate or lack of support that dream never happened.

The dream to belong

I can say this is one of the topmost dream of every OVC. To feel that sense of belonging. That sense of having a family to call his or her own. Although most of the children at the home I grew up didn’t know their parents . they often had the hope to go back to their parents one day. Most of them were too young that they didn’t even know their parents had passed on. They always spoke to friends about their parents and even promised the other children some candies when they visit their parents. Oh dear OVC with faith, may your believe make you find that true belonging.

The dream of getting helpers

Like every individual, OVCs s also need help. Help to accomplish their purpose. Help to nurture their talent. Help to nurture their gifting’s. . Most times, you could see most of the children had raw talent but with time it dies just like that. Imagine if that child had gotten a helper. Day in and day out orphans and vulnerable children fear that their lives will be put on a halt. This is because their life is dependent on a helper support. As soon as help stops their life stops. Unless God intervenes.

The dream of marrying

This remains one of the beautiful dreams of every OVC yet the scariest of them all. Beautiful because they get to feel the love of family and scariest because they might die early and leave their children as orphans. Every OVC dreams about the day they will finally meet their my Mrs. or Mr. right and join with him/her on the voyage of forever with each other. I always fantasize about my dream house, children, cars, etc. every OVC has that dream too. To one day come back home and receive a hug. To cut a cake on their birthday. To go on a trip or a holiday with the love of their life. All of these are things OVCs fantasize about. I guess you do too.

The dream of growing old

Every orphan fear death at a tender age. You know why? They always don’t want their children to become like them. Due to this, I always say a prayer to God on their behalf to bless all OVCs with long life. They dream of growing very old to see their great-grandchildren. Yeah, it’s a secret I just revealed to you. They love to exceed 100 years of age before dying. Some even wish they never die like myself.

The dream of having children

Isn’t it lovely to have children? Like everyone desires the bond of children, OVCs also desire to grow and have children. Children that they can call their own. Trust me, all the OVCs I spoke with had great plans of loving their kids and always being there for them. like myself, I desire to become all that I never enjoyed to my wonderful future children. I guess you can call them blessed because they are.

The dream of travelling

Traveling around the world is one thing every OVC fantasizes about. Day in and day out, children in the various orphanages and on the streets and those living under harsh conditions encounter different people from different backgrounds and all. As these people share their experiences with these orphans their appetite to travel enlarges. I remember how I desired to travel to Israel so I can see the red sea and those historical landmarks are spoken about in the holy bible and to visit India to become a monk. interesting right? I dreamt of not going alone but with my family. This should tell you how every OVC cherishes family time in the near future.

The aspiration to know their roots

Every OVC desires to know their root one day when they grow up. When you listen to an OVC talk, you could see love mixed with pain in their eyes. The first question they always want answers to is why their parents has left them. most times, It’s very amazing to see them talk proudly about their parents although they don’t know them. Until every child has a family lets create one for them.

The dream to be celebrated

Every OVC desires to be celebrated one day in future. They desire to be on the television and in the news article. Yes, they love to be seen too

Have you encountered any OVC yet? if yes, did they share their dreams with you?

Dzifah Tamakloe

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